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Tired of the skewed wall-street game of IPOs? Meet Direct Stock Listings -

Many investors are feeling disconnected & left out from public markets. Particularly as it relates to new company investments. These have traditionally been brought to market in one of the time-honored traditions of wall-street, the Initial Public Offering (IPO).

These are run by the largest Banks and cater to large institutions and the ultra-wealthy. IPOs are shopped around in "roadshows" that allow these elite investors to gobble up all of the "fairly priced" shares prior to the public debut of the stock. Leaving little room for the average investor, who hardly ever receive IPO shares at their list price, instead of having to chase them after the public debut.

This means that most of the gains are captured by a select few, with only a fraction of the early gains making their way into our more modest portfolios.

The good news is that a new wave of listings are pushing back on this legacy process. Via Direct Public Offerings (DPO), typically in the form of a Direct Stock Listing or Reverse Merger. Private companies are finding ways to offer their existing shareholders liquidity and give regular people a chance to invest at the fair open price usually reserved for the few in IPOs.

Companies like Spotify (SPOT), Slack (WORK) & Drafkings (DKNG) have come to market this way since 2018, and the NYSE & NASDAQ continue to push the SEC for a proliferation of these options.

Our Mission at Direct Stock Listings is to bring you the latest news, information & historical data on these offerings. Helping upgrade your investment game by capitalizing on these evolving investment choices.

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